Herren: Eintracht gewinnt souverän zu Hause

Der erste Sieg der Saison ist gleich ein Kracher - Die Herren gewinnen mit 96:0 gegen die SG Krofdorf/Riedberg --- Spielbericht auf Englisch

It was a beautiful and sunny afternoon, and the warriors of Eintracht Frankfurt gathered at the pitch as we awaited for the challengers of the greatest day of all, "rugby day".This season is a year of transition for us and naturally the first few games have been learning curves for us. In our first game against Heusenstamm II we played with great heart and were exceptionally unlucky not to leave with something, but we learnt from that game.  Our second game against SC 1880 Frankfurt III was completely out of our control and our next game against that opposition will be much different, I am sure.We awaited the challenge of Riedberg with great excitement, we are an extremely united team with 100% trust in one another and we have a philosophy that we're brave enough to trust each other even when things haven't been going our way. We all knew our first win was coming and when it did we knew it was going to be a good one. It was just about playing one game at a time and keep putting in the hard work in training. Our match against Riedberg was the first home game of the season for us, and our truly devoted fans turned out in great number to see Marius‘  smile, unfortunately sickness meant he was unable to join us in battle so they had to settle for João- our Brazilian poster boy- for their eye candy. It wasn't just our demi god Marius that was struck down with illness, German Dennis (Tran) was cruelly struck down with just 24 hours to go before Kick-Off. Instead we drafted in the talented, versatile and reliable Kina to join us in the match day squad. Riedberg also had sickness problems of their own and they bravely travelled to us to commence battle with 13 men.Changes had to be made and due to our philosophy we decided to keep a full back line at the expense of our 2 dynamic dogs at 6 and 7. I'd mentioned to Lins,  our Captain (and injured warrior from our last match) that Hans at 6 was going to set the tone for the match in the first few minutes, due to changes this had to be adapted and the gauntlet was now laid at the feet of Mihnea, our ruggedly handsome Romanian bulldozer and he didn't disappoint. With a new philosophy comes hard work and all week we'd worked on a game plan that would allow us to work the fringes off 9 & 10 and allow us to build a platform for our backs to work their magic. From the first whistle we played with our head and our hearts. We kicked off and after a secure gather and set from Riedberg we began to trouble them by competing at the breakdown. They kicked for territory, unfortunately for them they found the safe hands of Story-Time Dennis and he ran back to where they kicked from. We secured the ball and after a couple more carefully structured phases directed by Mo at 10 and Flipper at 9 (skipper on the day) we found a great black ball option and Diego hit a great line, burst through a tackle and after some controlled and measured play we found ourselves with the ball dotted down and Eintracht were 5 points to the good, this quickly became 7 and we were off to a good start. Eintracht smelt blood and this win has been 11 weeks in the making, we played our phases with intention and as soon as Mo had a scrambled defence in front of him we attacked through the backs to stretch them and wore them down. The only moment of peace for Riedberg were the rare moments they took possession of the ball and kicked for territory, unfortunately for them the kicks always found hands and we had a dangerous back 3 that really punished them.Every member of the back 3 scored tries and Max Kirchner did a great job at 15 linking the wings together and making a very sexy attacking trident with the centres. Watch this space. The backline of this team is looking very balanced with a nice option of pace, power and precision. We have our technicians in Mo and Max, neither put a foot wrong all day, Fionn punched through holes all day long and created spaces and tries for everyone. I think he ended the game with 5 assists. The forwards worked tirelessly all day, they set up a platform using what we've worked on and without this our backline wouldn’t have even gotten to touch the ball. They were incredible, Sebastian stepped onto the wing from a blind attack and did his very best Jonah Lomu (RIP) impression and was very unlucky to have a try stolen from him as he was adjudged to have had a foot in touch. I think this was just a rare mistake from the referee who I believe had a good game. Eintracht fielded 22 players on Saturday and every single player showed what it meant to them to be part of this great team, everything we worked on came together. There will be tougher games to come but with the spirit in this team, there is no one we can't compete with. This spirit was shown right to the last minute with Mo chasing a kick, hunting down the opposition full back, making the tackle, getting up, stealing the ball and then scoring the try. The final score wasn't important, we played rugby how we wanted to play it, and we defended brilliantly and earned the clean sheet. This is just the start in a new phase of Eintracht Mens Rugby.The following 22 took to the field in Eintracht colours: 1 Stefan Hörnschemeyer 2 Mihnea Baluta 3 Sebastian Gerlich 4 Lukas Naujack 5 Philipp Schumacher 6 Hans Schweizerhof 7 Flavio Diez  8 Diego Reich 9 Nikolas Freitag (Captain) 10 Moritz Groden 11 Alex Ryan 12 Fionn Harnischfeger 13 Max Murphy 14 Dennis Kosel 15 Max Kirchner 16 Felix Müller 17 Richard Alade 18 Timo Breidenbruch 19 João Gohla 20 Higgi Volkmann 21 Jan Bernecke 22 Friedrich Schäufele Coach: Alex Ryan Hammer Tackle of the Day: Richard AladeMan of the Match: Alex Ryan D*ck of the Day and the author of this match report: Alex Ryan 

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